This article explains how the roles of owners, operations, and members affect their permissions.


  • The admin is the owner of a coworking space account in Coworks. Not always the owner of the coworking space, this is the top dog. They can create and remove managers. The admin can create new campuses and manage the Coworks subscription. You cannot create or remove Admins.


  • A manager of a coworking space has the same level of permissions as the Admin, except they cannot create and make new managers. They can change the permissions of everyone else (except other managers). They are not restricted to any sections of the Coworks system. They can view all billing and other information.


  • An accountant of a coworking space generally has the same permissions as a manager which would include all billing information. They cannot create and manage roles.

Sales Admin

  • A sales admin of a coworking space can see billing related information, but cannot manage roles.


  • A staff of a coworking space cannot manage roles, and cannot see any information related to billing. This is good for everyday staff and those that need to use Coworks for more day-to-day operations.


  • A member is the type of user that is a member of your coworking space. They don't have access to the admin dashboard and can access the content created in the dashboard through the mobile apps.

If you would to see how to change a user's role in the dashboard, go to that user's profile. Note: You can only change the roles of those that are added to the staff team. This is for your convenience so those with advanced permissions don't go missing!

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