Description: When you need to import members from a .CSV file (i.e. migrate them from Nexudus), follow these instructions:

To import your members from:

Nexudus - download the "Members List - Active" by going to Nexudus website and navigate to 'Reports > Members & Contacts > Members List - Active

Other - download the template here or (attached at the bottom) and format your members using these exact columns. Note: It is important that you don't change the column name or order, but arrange your list of members using this template.

1. Navigate to Account.

2. Click on the Migrations tab.

3. Drag and drop your "Active Members.csv" CSV, or click the gray area and select the file from a location on your computer.


4. Click on Import my members.


5. You will be automatically redirected to the Pending tab in your Directory, where your newly uploaded members will have been populated.

6. To promote them to new members, click Promote.


7. Then click either New Company or Existing Company depending on whether the member is a part of a company already entered into your platform or part of a company that has yet to be entered.

8. If adding the member to a New Company, follow the instructions here starting with Step 4.

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