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How do I refund a team's bill?
How do I refund a team's bill?

How to issue a refund on a team's invoice.

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How to issue a refund to a team

  1. Go to the Directory tab.

  2. Click on "Teams."

  3. Find the desired team and click "Manage."

  4. Click on the team's "Invoices" tab.

  5. Locate the desired invoice and click "View."

  6. Click "Refund." (Don't worry. There are a few more steps and clicking Refund won't immediately refund the money!)

  7. Choose how much you'd like to refund. You can pick the full amount or issue a partial refund. We also recommend leaving an internal note about this refund so you have something to refer back to in the future.

  8. Click "Submit Refund" when you're ready.

Notice the purple "Refunded" tag on the invoice and the notes at the bottom of the invoice.

Note: Stripe will still collect a transaction fee regardless of any refunds you issue.

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