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How to set up Coworks with Zapier
How to set up Coworks with Zapier

How to connect Coworks to Zapier to create Zaps.

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Before getting started, make sure you have created a Zapier account. If you don't have an account, sign up here.

Connecting Coworks to Zapier

  1. Log in to your Zapier account.

  2. Go to "My Apps."

  3. Click "+ Add connection" and search for Coworks in the modal that appears.

  4. Enter your Coworks account information to allow Zapier access to your Coworks account.

Setting up your first Coworks Zap!

What Are Zaps?

A "Zap" is defined as a workflow connecting 2 or more apps together. The general concept of Zaps is: If X happens, do Y.

Zaps have Triggers and Actions, which are the X and Y mentioned above.

You can think of triggers like events that happen in Coworks (new member created, new lead created, etc.) that "trigger" the Zap to start. Actions are things you'd like to happen as a result of the trigger (such as creating a lead in HubSpot).

For more information on how Zaps work, read here.

Supported Coworks Triggers:

New Member: Triggers a Zap when a new member is created.
New Event: Triggers when a new event is created.
New Booking: Triggers when a new booking is created.
New Lead: Triggers when a new lead is created.

New CRM Entry: Triggers when a new CRM Entry is created.

Booking Cancelled: Triggers when a Coworks booking is cancelled.

Booking Updated: Triggers when a booking is updated.

Contact Updated: Triggers when a CRM Contact is updated.

CRM Entry Updated: Triggers when a CRM Entry is updated.

Event Updated: Triggers when an event is updated.

Lead Updated: Triggers when a CRM Lead is updated.

Member Deactivate: Triggers when a Member is deactivated.

Member Updated: Triggers when a member is updated.

New Checkin: Triggers when a new check-in is created.

New Attendee: Triggers when someone RSVPs to an Event in Coworks.

Supported Coworks Actions:

Create Lead: This will create a new lead in Coworks.

Create Checkin: This will allow you to create a check-in in the Coworks Check-ins tab.

Create Attendee: This will create an event attendee in Coworks.

You can find a list of pre-made Zap templates to use in Zapier here.

Example Zap: Send Custom Email via Gmail when members are added to Coworks.

In this example, we're going to send an email through Gmail every time a member is created in Coworks.

Breakdown of the Zap

App 1: Coworks

Trigger: New Member Created

App 2: Gmail

Action: Send Email

Summary: When X (New Member Created) in Coworks, do Y (Send Email) in Gmail

How to set up the Zap

  1. Log in to Zapier.

  2. Click on "+ Create Zap" to make a new Zap.

  3. Click on the "Trigger" step. In the modal that appears, select "Coworks" as the app, and then set the "Event" to "New Member."

  4. Choose your Coworks account and select your campus (the context in which the member was made).

    You can test the trigger at this point if desired.

  5. Select Gmail as the second app, and set the "Event" as "Send Email."

  6. Log in to and connect your Gmail account to Zapier.

  7. With Gmail as the "2nd step" in this Zap, we're going to instruct Gmail to customize the email to the member. In this step, you actually customize the message sent to the specified email address when a member in Coworks is made.

In this step, we are using an example of a member created in Coworks and populating the email content with dynamic tags. In this example, dynamic tags are selected by the dropdown to the right of the inputs.

In the "To" field, you can see we select the dropdown on the right, and select the example email address. We also selected a dynamic member "first name."

Note: It will not send to this same email address every time, rather, this is an example of an email that it would have sent to.

After you're finished customizing the email, go ahead and save the Zap and make it live!

Every time a member is created in the campus that you've selected, an email will be sent to them by Gmail.

If you have any questions on setting up Zapier, we're here to help.

Happy Coworking!

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