The Coworks White Label Upgrade is a package that you can add to the premium tier for $99. That package allows you to customize the platform with your branding.

It includes:

Branded Member Mobile Apps

This is a comparison of the default Coworks app (on the left) and what the app can look like on the right with the branding package:

The login page is editable, but only by the support team currently. Please send these the background image to us by chatting or emailing us.

This is the community tab with the branding applied.

This is the team's directory with default placeholders where teams haven't added them in.

This the booking tab

This is the resource header image which is also only editable by the Coworks team (for now!)

This is what the profile page will look like.

Branded and Customized Member Onboarding Email

The welcome email is one sent to your members when you want them to access the app. Learn how to customize your onboarding email here.

This is the non-branded default email.

This is what the branded email will look like:

Don't forget to update your Stripe branding.

Don't have the white-label package? Contact us to get it added to your account.

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