This feature will allow you to link your external coworking space website to a form that allows members to signup for plans without contacting you.

  1. Go to your plans page and select a plan.

2. Switch on the public toggle to allow this plan to be accessed publicly (make sure you save before viewing those links, otherwise, the plan is still hidden)!

3. Copy the link or view the link to see what the page looks like publicly.

4. This URL is what you should add directly to your website, or link this URL from your pricing page on your website. This is an example of how that show should work.

5. After the lead fills this out, they will get a confirmation email. Managers will also receive a notification email and dashboard notification.

6. This lead will be created as a member of your community automatically on the team they have entered.

IMPORTANT: By default, Coworks does not send the onboarding email. We do this in case you want to handle the onboarding process before they get added to the apps. If you would like to turn that feature on, go to your settings.

Happy Coworking!

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