Have you ever needed to pause a membership for a month or 2, because a member didn't need to come into your space for a short amount of time? Previously, you would need to cancel their membership entirely losing record of what their memberships were on. You would then need to set a reminder somehow to come back and reactivate it! Well, the Coworks team has created a solution for you.

Instead of cancelling a membership entirely, now you can “pause” it. The membership will remain intact - allowing you to un-pause their membership at any time - and without having to remember any discounts or plan-specific information. 

How can I do it?

Step 1: Go to your Directory.

Step 2: Under Teams, select Manage on the team you would like to edit.

Step 3: Under Membership, select pause membership.

Pause Options

Pause indefinitely
Pause indefinitely, which will keep the membership paused until the manager un-pauses it manually.

Until a specific date
Pause until a specific date, which will pause until a specified date - chosen from the date picker.

Until after the next bill cycle
Pause until after the next bill cycle, which pauses the membership until after the next pay cycle.  This is effectively a “skip invoice” function.  After the next bill goes out, it will resume charging as normal.

Invoice Behavior

Don't Create
Invoices created during a paused membership with invoice behavior set to don't create will not be created during this time. This means that you will have no record of invoices for this member during this time. They will simply not be raised.

Create, but then automatically close
Invoices created during a paused membership with invoice behavior set to create, but automatically close will not be automatically created for the normal billing cycle of this Team. This means that you will have a record of invoices that would have been raised, should this membership had been active during this time. It's a nice option for accounting.

Changing a Paused Membership's End Date

If you would like to change the end date of a paused membership, simply resume it and re-pause with the new dates. No invoices will be raised automatically (unless you resume and don't re-pause before the exact time the next invoice is supposed to be raised! This is highly unlikely, but worth mentioning)


To resume a membership at any time, select resume membership and confirm. If you resume the membership, it will not automatically charge for any invoices (not raised) during the pause period and it will not automatically raise the next queued invoice. Invoices will only be raised when their next billing cycle date are.

For example:

Billing cycle date: 1st of each month

  • You pause a membership on the April 30th.

  • The next invoice on May 1st will behave according to your invoice behavior (Don't Create or Create, but then automatically close) but either way, the member won't receive an invoice and won't be automatically charged for that invoice.

  • You resume the membership on May 15th.

  • The next invoice will be raised on June 1st (specified by the billing cycle date).

  • The only invoice that was not collected was May 1st, but it will not raise a prorated invoice (May 15th - June 1st) when you unpause. You must do that manually.

If you have any questions on this, please let us know!

Happy Coworking!

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