As we all struggle to figure out how to efficiently navigate our personal and professional lives during the COVID-19 crisis, we at Coworks are trying to figure out how we can best offer our resources to this in need.

Coworks is a coworking and flexible workspace management platform, built to power the workspace of the future. Our dashboard tool is streamlined to empower the modern day community manager's operations to allow them to effectively manage hundreds of members across multiple teams and locations. Meanwhile, our mobile app provides a centralized place for member experience for the people actually working in the space. 

We soon realized that hospitals may actually face a similar challenge. During this crisis we've found that a lot of people's processes and platforms (or lack thereof) have been pushed to the limit. Being able to quickly send out important documents, emails, updates, and share contact info becomes very critical and non trivial. Email is often time the only viable solution (and it is not extremely effective).

That's why we're offering free onboarding to Coworks to any hospital or health services company that may find our tool helpful. Below are a few highlights from our platform that we think could be useful:

Admin Dashboard 

Our Admin dashboard gives you a quick and efficient way to manage hundreds of people spread across multiple teams. We have the ability to edit profile info on teams and individuals so that you can manage a cross-functional staff. We also have tools like resources, announcements, events and more that are all available to your actual employees in through our Member App (more on that later). Here are some dashboard highlights:

Member Management  

Quickly manage your entire employee and staff base in our easy-to-use directory to create profiles and allow for easy communication and information sharing. Each employee can be grouped together as part of a team so that you can target different employee sectors.

Announcements Communications Feature

You can use the email announcements feature to send important email updates to your employee base. For quick or emergency information, use our push notification/text messaging features to quickly broadcast important info. 

Resource Center

Our resource center allows you to create custom text documents, link to websites or other documents, image based walk throughs, and custom forms that show up directly in the member app for quick and easy access.

Events Calendar

Our events calendar allows you to manage key calendar events or meetings that may be critical to your team. This could be handy for things like trainings, staff meetings, seminars, workshops or building events.

Employee Mobile App

One of the biggest benefits of Coworks is not just the streamlined communication and employee management but also our Employee/Member App. All of the content that is created in the dashboard instantly gets populated in the mobile apps so that your whole team base can access that critical info. Employees can see a feed of events, a full team directory with contact info, and access to the resource center directly on their phone. More info below

Member Directory

With the member directory, your employees can search for the important contact info and bio for individuals across the different teams in your space. Pulling up profiles shows titles, email, phone, and bio, and employees can even send emails directly through the app.

Resource Center

The resource center serves a one stop shop for important information and documents. Important resources can be pinned directly to the top for quick access. Break down information by category and allow your team to find exactly what they need whenever they need it.

Events/Meetings Feed

The events feed keeps your people up to date with the latest in upcoming events or meetings. This gives them a reason to check the app daily and serves as a useful addition to regular email invites

We hope that these features help you streamline and activate your workforce during these trying times.

We're committed to being available to help and serve our health professionals are are truly our heroes in these times.


DeShawn & the Coworks Team

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