SETUP REQUIRED: If this is your first zap in Coworks, please stop and make sure you've completed the necessary setup steps here. Once you get to section 2, please skip those steps and start here.

Example Zap - Send Custom Email when members are added to Coworks.

In this example, we're going to send an email through Gmail every time a member is created in Coworks.

Here is the breakdown:
App 1 - Coworks

Trigger- New Member Created

App 2 - Mailchimp

Action - Send Email

Summary: When X(New Member Created) in Coworks, do Y (Send Email) in Gmail

Here's how to set it up

  1. Click on Make a Zap and find Coworks as the app. Select "New Member" as the trigger.

2. Find your account and select your campus (the context in which the member was made).

3. Select Mailchimp as the second app, select or connect your Mailchimp account, and for the Action, we are selecting to "Send Email."

4. With Mailchimp as the "2nd step" in this zap, we're going to instruct Mailchimp to add this member from Coworks as a new subscriber. In this step, you actually can use the information on the member you just made to populate the fields in Mailchimp (like email, first name, last name etc.) Simply build a new subscriber in mailchimp by populating the corresponding fields from the member.

After you're finished, customizing the new mailchimp user, go ahead and save it and give it a test.

Once successful, turn on your zap and watch your mailchimp get populated every time you've added a new member!

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