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How to create a one-off invoice and pause the next invoice created by a membership
How to create a one-off invoice and pause the next invoice created by a membership

How to create a one-time invoice or charge, and pause the next invoice that would be created by the membership.

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How to create a one-off manual Invoice

  1. Log in to your Manager Dashboard.

  2. In the left-side navigation, select the "Invoices" tab, then click "New Invoice."

  3. Select the "Team" option to create an invoice for an existing team.

  4. Select the "Guest" option to create an invoice for a non-member.

  5. Select either the "Existing Team" or enter in a new email address for a "Guest."

  6. The next step would be to either "Charge Now," where you can charge the member with their current payment method on file, OR select "Email" to create an invoice that will be emailed to the customer to pay via Credit Card or Bank Account.

  7. You can enter the Description, Quantity, and Unit Price for the Invoice Items. You can also choose to pass transaction fees to the customer (this is turned off by default).

  8. Depending on the "Charge Now" or "Email" option that you selected, you can "Create Invoice" to send the newly-created invoice, or "Charge Now" to charge the member or guest's payment method.

  • If you selected to "Create Invoice" and send the invoice, your customer will receive the Invoice via the email address that you entered and have a link to perform their payment via credit card, bank account, or send a paper check via mail.

*If this was a "manual" or "one-off" invoice for a guest, you're done!

*If you created a "manual Invoice" for a Member that is billed via a recurring payment plan, you may need to "pause their Membership," so as not to send them a second invoice for the same month or time frame. If this is the case, please see below.

The final step to ensure your member is not billed twice for this billing period is to "Pause Membership" for the next billing cycle only.

How to pause a membership

  1. In your Manager Dashboard, navigate to the desired team and then click the "Membership" tab.

  2. Click "Membership Actions."

  3. Click "Pause Membership."

  4. Select "Until Next Billing Cycle."

  5. Select "Don't Create" for the Invoice Behavior.

  6. Click "Pause" to skip the next billing invoice only. The member's default membership will resume automatically at the next billing period.

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