About The Billing Report

The payments report is intended to give you a fully detailed snapshot of your billing for a given period. This report should include everything necessary for you to understand revenue collected, outstanding invoices, discounts, refunds, failed payments and more.

In general, this report is what your accounting team should use to balance books and understand your billing.

The report provides a .csv representation of what managers can see in the "Invoices" tab (see below).

Understanding The Report

The Billing report will break down all of the invoices that were sent, charged, or attempted to be charged for a period. It also includes refunds, a breakdown of total revenue, and details on each invoice status.

Downloading the report you'll see a bunch of tabs available.

Here's a breakdown of each tab:

  • Billing Summary: A quick overall summary of totals of your billing for the given period

  • Payouts: A history of each singular deposit from Coworks into your bank account

  • Paid: A history of of each successfully paid invoice received for the period

  • Refunded: Any refunds that were initiated during this period

  • Unpaid: All outstanding unpaid invoices created during this period

  • Marked As Paid: Any invoice manually marked as paid for this period

  • Failed: Any failed transactions for this period (from card failures for example. These should generally also appear in the "unpaid" list unless rectified)

Breaking Down Invoice Columns

The Paid, Refunded, Unpaid, Marked As Paid, and Failed tab all give you a list of invoices with those statuses. There are several data columns presented on each invoice row. Let's break down and understand some of the important ones:

  • Team: The team that this invoice was created for. If it was a non member, this field will say "Guest"

  • Campus: The campus of the associated team and which you should tie the revenue to.

  • Coworks Invoice URL: A clickable direct link to the invoice in the Coworks dashboard for further review or actioning.

  • Total Amount: Total amount invoiced to the customer

  • Amount Refunded: Only present if a refunded has been issued. Shows full amount of that refund (could be partial refund)

  • Transaction Fee: Transaction fee from the payment processor

  • Net Amount: Net amount that the space should anticipate to receive from this invoice

  • Team Admin: The admin of the team who will receive the billing communication for that team

  • Billing: The billing status of the invoice. One of either "Charge Automatically" meaning the invoice was auto-drafted, or "Send Invoice" meaning the invoice was emailed to the customer for manual payment.

  • Invoice Date: The date the invoice was issued

  • Discount: Only present if a discount has been added. Shows full amount of that discount

  • Plans: The line items or list of plans associated with the invoice

  • Payment Source: How this invoice was paid (bank account or card number)

Downloading The Report

To download a billing report from the Coworks dashboard, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Reports.

2. Find the Billing Report report and click Download.

3. Choose the time period you're interested in. You can view this month, last month, or set a custom range. The transactions and invoices will be limited to the ones that occurred in the given time period

4. A billing report will be downloaded and sent to the email address associated with your Coworks account. The report may take up to 5 minutes to arrive in your inbox.

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