SETUP REQUIRED: If this is your first zap in Coworks, please stop and make sure you've completed the necessary setup steps here. Once you get to section 2, please skip those steps and start here.

Additionally, make sure that you click View responses in Sheets to create a spreadsheet.

Example Zap: Replace Member request form with a custom lead form

Quick summary: This zap allows you to build your own lead form to embed on your site, while populating that lead data directly into Coworks’ lead CRM. This is a great route if you need to add or customize fields for leads that are not supported in Coworks.

Pro Tip: Any extra fields on a lead will be stored as custom fields in Coworks

Here is the breakdown:
App 1 - Google Forms (or any form builder)
Trigger- New Entry (triggers when form is submitted)

App 2 - Coworks
Action - Create Lead
Summary: When X(form submitted) in Typeform do Y(Create Lead ) in Coworks

Here’s how to set it up

  1. Click on Create Zap and find Google Forms as the app. Select “New Response in Spreadsheet” as the Event.

2. Choose which Google Sheets you want to use to connect to the CRM

3. Test Your Trigger

4. Choose Coworks as the second app, login to your account.

5. Choose Create Lead

6. To set up the action, map all of the lead info to the responses from Google Sheets

Note about the Custom fields: Any info that doesn't exist on a lead can be mapped to a custom field in Coworks using key-value pairs

7. Test & continue

8. Publish Zap

9. Check the Leads tab in your Coworks account and notice the new lead created by Zapier.

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