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How to view and adjust a team's balance
How to view and adjust a team's balance

How to see and edit the account balance for a customer, which can be used to apply credits towards their invoices

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Account Balance

You can use the account balance feature to add credits to teams in your community. The balance will then be applied to future invoices for that team, and adjust the amount they're charged accordingly.

For example, if you wanted to apply a credit of $100 for a team, you could add this to their account balance, and then $100 would be applied toward their next invoice.

A negative balance can also be applied to a team. A negative account balance will increase the amount owed on their next invoice, instead of decreasing it.

How to view and edit a team's account balance

  1. Go to the Directory tab in the admin dashboard.

  2. Select the "Teams" option from the top, then find the desired team and click "Manage."

  3. Go to the team's "Membership" tab, and scroll down to the "Account Balance" section. This shows the current account balance for the team, which will be applied to their next invoice.

  4. To edit the team's balance, click the "Adjust Balance" button.

  5. In the modal that appears, you can enter a positive or negative amount to adjust the account balance by. A positive account balance will decrease the amount due, and will automatically be applied to their next invoice. A negative account balance, on the other hand, will increase the amount due.

  6. Click "Save" when finished.

  7. The updated account balance will show on the team's "Membership" tab.

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