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How to view and sort invoices
How to view and sort invoices

How to see all of your invoices, filter them by status, and sort them based on creation date, due date, or amount.

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Where to view invoices

In the admin dashboard, go to the Invoices tab on the left side to view the invoices for your community.

Filtering invoices

By default, the Unpaid invoices will be shown on the Invoices tab first. However, you can use the statuses listed near the top of the page to filter which invoices are shown.

You can also click the "Filters" button to filter your invoices based on campus or source (day pass, manual, external booking, or membership).

Sorting invoices

By default, invoices are sorted based on when they were created. You can click the "Sort By" dropdown and choose to sort the invoices in ascending or descending order based on created date, due date, or invoice amount.

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