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Monthly Billing Intervals Explained
Monthly Billing Intervals Explained

Explaining the billing periods for monthly recurring invoicing

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Coworks supports monthly recurring invoicing for your customers. Powered by Stripe, our system enables you to automatically collect payments (credit card, ACH, etc.) and/or send invoices to customers on an automated, recurring schedule.

Recurring Bill Date

For monthly invoicing, you can select your recurring bill date. This will create a standardized day of the month on which invoices are sent. The customer is billed for exactly one full month from that recurring date.

You can customize your default recurring bill date to use any day of the month that fits your needs. See how here.

You can also customize this on a per-team basis when adding a team, in case you have teams who want to be billed on different days.

A recurring bill date of the 31st will always be billed at the end of the month (regardless of the days in the month). For example, January will bill on the 31st, February on the 28th (or February 29th in a leap year), then March 31st, April 30th, and so on.

Billing Periods

Your customer's monthly billing periods are always calculated from the beginning of the recurring bill date until the beginning of the next occurrence of that date.

Let's say for example you want to bill monthly on the 1st for your customers. On the 1st of the month, the customer will be billed for the full month. Their current period in this instance will show from the 1st to the 1st (exclusive). See below.

Billing is typically run at midnight in your time zone. So in the above example, the customer's invoice will be generated at 12:00am for the period of Feb 1st 12:00am - March 1st 12:00am. This is the same as Feb 1st 12:00am - Feb 28/29 11:59pm inclusive. On March 1st at 12:00am, they will be billed again for the period of March 1st 12:00am - April 1st at 12:00am and so on

The customer's invoice will reflect the same period.

Similarly, if your recurring bill date was the 5th, your period would reflect the 5th-5th.

​Note: Billing is calculated to the minute. Your customers are always charged for exactly one calendar month from the start of your recurring bill date to the beginning of the next recurring bill date.

Happy coworking!

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