Description: Set up Coworks Conference Room Booking and/or Coworks Front Desk apps on an iPad or any other tablet by following these instructions:

System Requirements: Coworks does not provide tablet hardware but our apps should work on any iPad or tablet running iOS or Android operating systems. A Chrome or Safari browser is required for ideal function. NOTE: Fire tablets are NOT currently supported as they do not run Android, iOS or chrome.

Pro tip: Before setting up your tablet, be sure to go to your settings and turn off the "Auto Lock" or sleep settings. This will prevent your tablet screen turning off automatically. This app is designed to be always on and available to your customers!

Adding the Coworks app to your tablet's home screen:

1. On your tablet, open your browser of choice and navigate to this URL:

iPad Tablets

2. If you are using an iPad, you'll need to do this setup in Safari. Once at the URL shown above, press the Safari Share button in the top right of the screen.

3. Tap Add to Home Screen.

4. Tap Add. This will add the tablet version of the Coworks app to your home screen. From here, skip to step 5 below.

Android Tablets

2. If you are using an Android tablet, go to the URL shown in step 1 in Google Chrome (or another browser -- these steps should be similar). Tap on the More Options menu (the three dots) in the upper right corner.

3. Tap Add to Home Screen.

4. Tap Add. This will add the tablet version of the Coworks app to your home screen.

Setting Up Coworks Booking or Coworks Front Desk

iPad and Android tablet users will follow the same steps here.

5. Sign in to your Coworks account.

6. To set up Coworks Booking, choose Conference Tablet. To set up Coworks Front Desk, choose Front-Desk Tablet.

Coworks Booking

7. After choosing Conference Tablet, select the room you want to link with the tablet (only previously created rooms with appear here).

8. Your tablet will now:

  • Show the booking schedule for the room.

  • Show if the room is currently in use.

  • Allow users to immediately book.

If you need to change what room the tablet displays, click the Admin button in the bottom left corner to change the room.

Coworks Front Desk

7. After choosing Front-Desk Tablet, you'll have access to the main front desk screen, which will allow your guests to check in and notify members, as well as schedule tours of the space.

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