Description: When you need to add a new company and billing plan to the Coworks dashboard, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Directory.

2. Click on Companies.

3. Click on New Company.


4. Enter in relevant company information, then click Add Plan.


5. Select a plan or create a new one. If you need help creating a new plan, follow the steps listed here.


6. Add the quantity of plans and any discounts.


7. Select the billing cycle date (the date in which the bill will be invoiced to the member).


8. If you want to start billing immediately, choose to prorate. Otherwise with the free trial choice, the plans will invoice the member on the recurring bill date.

9. For payment, select the billing type (send invoice by email or bill automatically). If billing automatically, add the relevant credit card information here.

10. Click on Save New Company.

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