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How do I create a one-time invoice or charge?
How do I create a one-time invoice or charge?

How to charge or email a one-time invoice to members, or bill guests (non-members) for one-off purchases or non-recurring invoices.

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One-off Invoices

In addition to billing for recurring monthly invoices for memberships, Coworks also offers the ability to bill for one-off, one-time charges. This can be super useful to handle things such as event rentals, one-time membership fees, security deposits, or à la carte products that you offer to your members.

How to create a one-off invoice

  1. Go to the Invoices tab in Coworks.

  2. Click on the "New Invoice" button.

  3. Choose whether you want to bill an existing team (must already be in your Directory) or if you'd like to invoice a non-member or guest (must have a valid email address).

Billing Guests or Non-Members

Clicking the "Lead or Guest" button will allow you to bill a non-member for an invoice (for things like event rentals, time in your space, etc.).

To create an invoice for a guest, all you need is their email address. Simply type the guest's email into the "Guest Email" field to send to that address.

Note: If you've previously sent an invoice or if the email exists in the CRM, the system will attempt to do a lookup for you. This is handy if you'd like to use a previously saved credit card or have information saved about that customer.

You can then choose whether you want to "Charge Now" or "Email" the invoice.

When choosing "Charge Now", a credit card is required, and it will immediately attempt to charge that customer. You also have the option to pass the credit card processing fee onto the guest. When choosing "Send Email", an invoice will be emailed directly to the customer (with a customizable due date), that they can pay directly from the email.

Next, add line items to the invoice by entering the description, quantity, and unit price for each item. You can also click "Add Invoice Item" to add extra line items.

Billing Members or Teams

In addition to guests, you can also bill specific members in your community. This works the exact same way, except that you must choose which team to charge from a list of active teams in your space.

When creating a one-off invoice for a team, you also have the option to "Add To Next Invoice". This is available for any team that has a current recurring membership being billed. Choosing this option will add the line items to their next recurring invoice that is generated instead of creating a new, separate invoice.

Read more about adding a one-off charge to a team's next invoice here.

Happy Coworking!

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