Description: When you need to charge a member *who has a recurring plan with automatic billing* for a one-off expense such as for purchasing stamps or a replacement key fob, and want that expense to fall in with their next monthly invoice instead of being a one-off invoice, follow these instructions:

1. Start by navigating to Directory.

2. Scroll to or search for the company you need to bill.

3. Click on the Company Billing tab and select New Charge.

 4. Click the Add To Next Invoice button (If this is not present, then the company doesn't have an active memberships - You will have to raise an invoice now in order bill them).

5. Fill in the invoice item description and the amount of the charge, then select Add To Invoice at the bottom.

Want to confirm the charge was added to the next invoice?

Follow these steps....

1. Navigate to the Company Membership tab of the company's Directory listing, and click View Next Invoice.

2. View the company's next invoice and confirm that charge is there.

Made a mistake and need an edit or to remove a charge you added? Contact the Coworks team using the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner to assist you with that.

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