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How do I add a one-off charge to a member's next invoice and view it?
How do I add a one-off charge to a member's next invoice and view it?

How to add one-time charges to a team's next recurring invoice.

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When you need to charge a member (who has a recurring plan with automatic billing) for a one-off expense, such as purchasing stamps or a replacement key fob, you have the option to add that charge to their next monthly invoice instead of charging it as a separate invoice.

How to add a one-off charge to a team's next recurring invoice

  1. Go to the Directory tab.

  2. Scroll to or search for the team.

  3. Click on the team's "Invoices" tab, and click the "New Invoice" button.

  4. On the "Create Invoice" page, select the "Add To Next Invoice" option (If this is not present, then the team doesn't have an active membership. You will need to choose "Charge Now" or "Emailed" in order bill them).

  5. Fill in the invoice item description, quantity, and unit price, then click the "Add To Next Invoice" button at the bottom.

How to view the charge on the team's upcoming invoice

  1. Navigate to the "Membership" tab of the team's Directory listing, click "Membership Actions," and select "View Next Invoice."

  2. View the team's next invoice and confirm that charge is there.

Made a mistake and need to edit or remove a charge you added? Contact the Coworks team using the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner to assist you with that.

For more info on one-time invoices, check out this article.

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