About The Active Memberships Report

The Active Memberships report is a very useful report that shows you all of the active memberships in your community. The report breaks down each team in your campus and what plans they're currently assigned to as well as any discounts that have been applied. You can use this report to get an accurate snapshot of your recurring revenue to calculate MRR and anticipate your next bill run.

Each row in the report represents an individual plan or discount that a team is subscribed to. This effectively serves as an invoice breakdown report by line item for each team's next upcoming invoice.

For example the team "Axe Jax" is subscribed to 3 plans and their membership tab looks like this

The Active Membership report will break down each of these plans as a row for the Axe Jax team so that you can calculate your revenue. See below:

Notice that we also include helpful info such as:

  • plan type - so that you can break down revenue by type of plan

  • billing type - whether they are set to auto draft payments or emailed invoices

  • payment source (credit card, ach etc) - to see who has put a payment source on file

  • next bill date - to easily anticipate when your members can expect to be charged

  • membership status - (active, upcoming, overdue) to see if this is an actively billed customer, an upcoming membership (ie starting in the future), or overdue (meaning they have many unpaid invoices)

Discounts are also reflected as a separate row so that you can subtract that from your revenue amounts. End dates are included for temporary discounts.

Click here to learn how to add permanent or temporary discounts to customers.

Downloading The Report

To view anticipated Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) on the Coworks dashboard, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Reports.

2. Find the Active Memberships report and click Download.

4. A membership report will be downloaded and sent to the email address associated with your Coworks account. The report may take up to 5 minutes to arrive in your inbox.

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