Description: To add a discount to a company's plan on the Coworks dashboard, follow these instructions:



1. To add a discount to a new company's plan, follow the steps listed for adding a plan to a new company here.

Existing Company & New Billing Plan

Adding a discount to a new billing plan is currently only possible when adding a new company. Try creating a billing plan following these steps, then follow the steps shown below to add a discount to an existing plan.

Existing Company & Existing Billing Plan

1. Navigate to Directory.

2. Click on Companies.

3. Find existing company and click on Manage.


4. Click on the Company Billing tab.

5. Click on the Discount+ button.


6. Choose the billing plan you would like to discount, then specify the discount amount or percentage. Choose if you would like the discount to expire or recur. If you would like the discount to expire, specify the number of months after the billing period it will expire.


7. Click Save.

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