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How do I add or update a credit card or bank account payment method for a team?
How do I add or update a credit card or bank account payment method for a team?

How to manually add or update the payment source on file for a team/member. This is used for their recurring membership and invoices.

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How to add a credit card or bank account to a team in Coworks

  1. Go to the Directory tab.

  2. Click on "Teams."

  3. Find the desired team and click on "Manage."

  4. Click on the "Membership" tab.

  5. Click on "Add Payment Method" if the team has no active payment sources


    You can use the "Payment methods" section to add another payment method, change the default payment method, or delete existing payment methods.

To add Credit Cards

Enter the credit card information and click "Save Card." Members can also add their own payment sources via the mobile app.

To add Bank Accounts

This is a two-step process. First, you must enter the member's bank account information through the dashboard. Once their information is entered, Stripe will attempt to verify that bank account by depositing two small amounts (usually less than $1). The member will then need to relay those amounts back to the manager, and the manager will need to input those into the dashboard. The member can also verify and add their own bank account via the member mobile app.

Step 1 US Bank Accounts: Enter Bank Account information and click "Submit."

Step 2 ACH Verification:

  1. Once Stripe has deposited the micro-deposits, the member will need to relay that information to the manager. Click "Verify."

  2. Enter the micro-deposit amounts (as whole numbers) and click "Verify Bank."

    If you don't see the "unverified" badge, then you know it was verified successfully!

Happy Coworking!

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