Let's face it, image cropping and manipulation is hard. It can be frustrating to take photos of all of your conference rooms, events, or equipment and upload them, only to find they don't quite work with the size constraints in Coworks. I've outline the simple steps to ensuring good photos.

1. Take photos in landscape mode. When you take photos in portrait, it limits your ability to crop in a rectangular shape. This is especially important for Events, Conference Rooms, Spaces, and Equipment in Coworks. Those are rectangular in nature and require you to crop to a rectangle. With a landscape image, you have a lot more on the left and right to "play with" when you're cropping.

2. Make sure when taking the images you capture a little bit more in the frame than what you anticipate on using. This ensures that when you do go to crop, you have some actual pictures of the room or object instead of just white space.

This is an example of a bad image:

See how zoomed it is and you don't get any context about the rest of the room? When you go to crop this, you will be faced with this dilemma:

This makes you choose only part of an already constrained image!

Now here's a good image:

See how much more "play" you will get when you head over to the cropper?

This creates a much nicer final product image that will look great in Coworks.

Happy cropping!

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