To create an event in Coworks start by navigating to the Calendar tab.

1. Click the New drop down, and select New Event.

2. Click the Upload Photo box and select an image from your hard drive, then fill out the high level event details.

3. Select whether the event will happen on your campus or outside of campus. If it's on your campus, select which room or space. 

If outside your campus, type in the name of the location.

4. Set to private while you're working on filling out the event details, then make it public to share with your community.

5. If there is a website with more information about the event on it, link it in the Event Information Link box. If you have an Event Registration Link, fill that box out.

Note: Filling out the Event Registration Link will change the in app Join button so that it will open the registration website you've linked in the app. This eliminates the use of attendee tracking through the Coworks app and the default push functionality to users' primary device calendar.

6. If you've linked a Google Calendar using the Integrate with GCal function, you will have the option to Push to Google and select which Google Calendar to push to.

More details on GCal Integration here.

7. If there is a deadline for attendees to join or a maximum number of attendees able to participate in an event, note that in these boxes. 

These features show up in the app like this, so members are aware of the join deadline and can see the remaining number of available spaces:

8. Make any internal notes for the event in the Notes section.
9. Keep the event booked under your name, or change it to the name of who it is Booked For to someone else on your team or within your community.

10. Lastly, hit Save. 

🎟 Happy Event Planning! 🎟

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