All teams in Coworks have a team admin. When the team is created, you must create an admin account with it. The team admin is the person who will receive and update all billing-related information (like invoices, credit cards, payment alerts, etc.) as well as who can update a team's info.

You change or update a team's admin at any point by first going to the team's profile and clicking on the "Members" tab.

From there you'll see a list of all the team members. The current team admin will be identified with a label under the email that says 'Team Admin'

To change the admin, find the person you'd like to make the new admin and click the 'Member Actions' button. One of the options available will be "Promote to Team Admin".

Clicking that option will swap the current team's admin with this new member. The previous admin will remain on the team but will no longer be the admin.

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