Coworks supports monthly recurring billing and invoicing. We also support other types of billing intervals such as yearly, quarterly, and semi-annually. Follow these steps to add different billing types.

Create A Plan

To bill a member non monthly, start by heading to the plans tab and adding plan with the desired interval. Click the "billed" dropdown and select your desired billing frequency.

For New Teams

If creating a new team, simply select the plan of the desired interval from the plans list when filling out the team info.

Hit save and it will create a new membership with the desired frequency. (Currently we do not support proration for non-monthly plans)


In order to add a team that is billed multiple billing frequencies (ie both an annual and a monthly plan) you must add ONE frequency first during the team create and then add the new one after the team is created. Follow the steps below for more details on how to add plans to an already created team.

For Existing Teams

You can add new plans to an existing team by going to the Membership tab in the team's profile and selecting "Add Plan". At this stage you can introduce new billing frequencies by choosing a plan with a different billing interval than the previous ones. For example, if you have a member who has a monthly invoice for coworking and dedicated desk plans, you could introduce a new quarterly membership in addition to the monthly plans. This will create two separate bill dates for the different bill frequencies (remember: we do not support prorating for non-monthly plans at this time).

Note that all plans of the same frequency are stacked together on the same invoice and billed together (monthly plans are grouped, yearly plans are grouped etc.)

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