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What are Paused invoices?
What are Paused invoices?

What is the Paused invoice status, how does it happen, and what does it mean for my money and future invoices?

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You may have noticed a "Paused" section in your invoices lists in the Invoices tab. Here you can see all of your paused invoices in one place. But what does a "Paused" invoice mean?

Paused invoices

The Paused status indicates that an invoice will stop sending reminder emails to customers to pay, and/or stop automatically attempting to charge the default payment source on file. Resuming the invoice will cause the invoice to start reminding customers again and will start attempting collection of the amount due. Only invoices that are Unpaid can be paused/unpaused, and this status doesn't affect the invoice's ability to be charged or paid by the customer; it just doesn't happen automatically.

How an Invoice gets Paused

An invoice can reach the Paused status for a variety of reasons:

  • The system will automatically mark all invoices as Paused if the subscription has been paused.

  • Managers can manually pause an invoice individually through the invoice actions on the invoice detail page. For example: Maybe you want to stop trying to collect the money and remove it from the Unpaid invoices list, but not close the invoice entirely.

For a full breakdown on all invoice statuses, read more here.

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