For marketing ands sales teams, it's important to understand where your leads/member signups are coming from. Especially if you're running specific campaigns.

Coworks supports the addition of utm params to urls for:

  • Public Signup forms (Member)

  • External Booking forms (Member/Lead)

  • Day Pass forms (Member/Lead)

  • Membership Request forms (Lead)

  • Tour Request forms (Lead)

To leverage this, simply add the utm params to the end of our member, tour, or public sign up links. You can find those links in your dashboard here.

An example of a valid url with valid campaign params looks like this

Once a lead or member submits those forms, those params will be automatically attached to their profile. You can easily track that information by downloading our leads report or member report.

We currently support the following params:






You can find those attributes as columns in the leads and members reports

Happy Coworking!

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