The Coworks + QuickBooks Online integration allows you to seamlessly integrate your QBO account into your Coworks billing to keep track of Invoices, Payments, and Customers for easier accounting and reconciliation.

Getting Started

To begin, head to the integrations page in your dashboard here. Search for the Quickbooks online integration and click the connect button.

Confirm by clicking the "Connect with QBO" button in the detail modal. You will be redirected to a quickbooks page where you'll be prompted to login with your valid quickbooks credentials. Make sure to login to the account you wish to sync with Coworks.

After you've logged in, you'll be redirected back to the Coworks dashboard and you should see a green check mark with a success message.

If the integration was successful, you should see a green check next to the quickbooks integration card in the integrations tab. (IMPORTANT: SEE BELOW TO ENABLE SETTINGS. This is a required step to complete the integration)

Enabling The Integration Settings

Next you need to enable your settings. Click the settings button on the quickbooks integration card.

For the Coworks integration you can choose between 2 settings:

`1. Push Invoices to Quickbooks

This setting will push ALL invoices generated by Coworks (for monthly memberships, one-off payments etc.) into your Quickbooks account. By default, this will attempt to do a customer lookup in quickbooks via email and if not found it will create one in your account.

For example let's say you're creating an invoice for 'Factory Inc' for $500 in Coworks

This will result in a customer in QBO called 'Factory Inc' with the name and email matching the admin of the Coworks team.

This will simultaneously create an invoice for the customer. In this case Factory Inc will have an open invoice in QBO for $500.

pro tip: The invoice No. in qbo matches the invoice number in Coowrks

2. Push Transactions to Quickbooks

This setting will allow you to not only generate invoices in quickbooks but also to create QBO Payments when those invoices are paid or marked as paid in Coworks. This will effectively close that invoice in QBO and allow you to properly log deposits for the QBO Payments.

Using the example from above, let's say Factory Inc pays their $500 invoice and is reflected in Coworks.

We will create a QBO Payment for the amount paid on the invoice and then apply that payment to the invoice in QBO that was pushed in the previous step. The result is a new payment logged in QBO as well as the applied invoice being closed and marked as paid.

Mapping Quickbooks Products/Services

You can map your Coworks plans directly to the corresponding product/service in QBO so that each line item is appropriately tagged to the correct revenue stream.

For each plan in Coworks, click on the plan and scroll to the bottom. Under the integrations section, enable "Quickbooks Product/Service and then choose from the list. It will pull the products directly from your integration QBO account.

Click save to finish the mapping.

QBO Classes

If your product/service is mapped to a class in QBO, that class will also be assigned to the invoice line item

QBO Locations

You can also map each Coworks campus to a corresponding location in QBO. To set the mapping, go to your integrations tab here.

Find the QBO integration and select "settings"

From there, choose "map locations" and follow the steps

This will now map any invoice created in each campus to the corresponding location in QBO on the invoice

Here's a sample invoice with the mapped product, class, and location from Coworks.

Voiding Invoices

Note: Invoices voided in Coworks will be automatically voided in QBO.


We hope this integration helps you more easily manage your accounting. Remember that you can download a full csv report of your billing in the reports tab to get a clear picture of your Coworks billing.

Accounting Notes:

In this version of the integration, all payments are mapped to "Undeposited Funds" account by default.

Funds must be mapped from "Undeposited funds" and moved to appropriate account once you've confirmed the information in QBO is as expected.

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