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How do I schedule a team's billing plan for a future bill date?
How do I schedule a team's billing plan for a future bill date?

How to queue up a membership billing cycle for a team so their billing starts on a date in the future.

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When setting up billing for your customers, sometimes you may not want to bill them until a future date.

With Coworks, it's super simple to schedule a billing cycle for a date in the future. This is especially useful when pre-selling memberships during launch or if someone gives you a commitment but can't move in yet.

Here's how it works (New Members)

  1. To queue up billing for a later date, start by clicking on "New Member" in the Directory to create the account.

  2. Next, add the plan(s) that you'd like to bill this member for by clicking the "Add Plans" button.

  3. Finally, you'll be able to set the terms of their billing and membership. To queue up their billing, select the date under the "When do you want the membership to start?" label. Just choose at which date you want their membership to start.

  4. Be sure to also set the "recurring bill date" field, as their first invoice will be a prorated value based on that recurring date. For example, if you bill monthly on the 1st, starting a membership for 3 months in the future in the middle of the month (say the 15th) would result in a prorated invoice on the 15th for about half of the month and the first full invoice on the first of the following month.

Here's how it works (Existing Members)

If the member or team already exists in your system and you want to start a new plan for them on a date in the future, simply go to the "Membership" tab for the team, click the "Add Plan" button, and repeat steps 3 and 4 above.

Happy Coworking!

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