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How to schedule an end date or set up expiring team memberships
How to schedule an end date or set up expiring team memberships

If a team is cancelling their membership, you can either end it immediately or schedule the cancellation for a later date.

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This guide will walk you through how to cancel a team's membership. Your options for when the plan will end are:

  • Immediately - The membership will be immediately canceled. The team will no longer be on that plan and will not be billed in the future

  • End of Current Period - The membership will end after the current period that the members have already paid for.

  • Custom Future Date - The membership will end on the future date of your choosing. If the date is mid-month, the members will be prorated for that month on their final bill date.

How to schedule an end date for a membership

  1. In the Directory tab, navigate to the "Teams" section, and select the team whose membership needs to be canceled.

  2. Click the "Membership tab" and select "Cancel.." from the "Membership Actions" dropdown.

  3. Select when you'd like to cancel the membership and click "Save."

    If you select "Custom Future Date," you will be given a calendar to select the last day of their membership:

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