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How to handle payment disputes and chargebacks
How to handle payment disputes and chargebacks

What to do when a customer disputes a payment and results in the payment being returned

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Are you getting an error message that says "Charge has been charged back; cannot issue a refund" when trying to refund one of your invoices?

This happens when a customer has filed a dispute on the payment, and opened a chargeback with their bank.

What is a chargeback, and how does it happen?

A chargeback happens when a customer disputes a payment with their bank. This reverses the payment, and withdraws the funds for the transaction.

This guide in Stripe explains how disputes work and provides more information on managing and preventing disputed payments.

How to handle a dispute

Disputes need to be resolved with the customer and their bank. You should contact the customer as soon as possible, and log in to your Stripe account to manage the dispute.

This Stripe article reviews how to talk to your customer about the dispute.

Viewing disputes in Stripe

When a payment has been disputed, the payment will have a "dispute" tag in Stripe. This tag will also show the status of the dispute.

The "Timeline" for the payment in Stripe will also show when the payment was disputed by the customer.

The "Payment details" in Stripe will also show the payment has a status of "Disputed."


Coworks is here to help however we can in the event of a chargeback. We'll provide any information we can to assist in resolving the dispute with your customer and their bank.

These articles from Stripe may also help in understanding and managing disputes:

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