This is a plugin that is made to support the Coworks Membership Request Form and the Tour Request Form. It requires you to have a Wordpress website and allows for easy integration into the Coworks Pages.

Note: If you'd like members to be able to signup for memberships using their credit cards automatically, we've added a new feature to do that!

Check out the plugin here or search "Coworks Member

1. Go to your wordpress site and login.

2. Head over to the plugins and click "Add New Plugin"

3. Search for Coworks in the box (If you have an update, make sure you update it as shown in screenshot).

4. Head to your page edit and click the Coworks Button on the toolbar of your editor.

5. Select your form type and enter your subdomain.

6. Make sure the tags match this screenshot.

7. Preview your site!

8. Done!

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