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How do I download and use the Coworks mobile app?
How do I download and use the Coworks mobile app?

How to download the Coworks member mobile app to your phone and log in using your account.

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Note: Links to download the Coworks mobile app on the App Store or the Google Play Store are sent in an onboarding email to members when they are first added to Coworks by their community manager.

How to download the Coworks mobile app

  1. Find the Onboarding Email that was sent to you when you joined. It will be titled "Invitation to the (Your Coworking Space) Coworks App" and will be sent from


  2. Select either the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your mobile device, and install the app. Then, open the app and enter your Coworks email and password credentials, which are also included in the onboarding email.


  3. Log in and you'll be able to use the Coworks member mobile app!

Here are some of the things you'll now be able to do through the Coworks mobile app


In the Bookings tab, you can easily reserve rooms in your coworking space.



In the Directory tab, you can see the other members or teams in your coworking space. You can even search by name or title if you need to find someone specific.



In the Community tab, you can view and register for upcoming events that are taking place in your coworking space.



In the Resources tab, you can access useful information about your space.


"Me" tab

In the Me tab, you'll be able to see events you've RSVP'ed to, rooms you've booked, and invoices you've received. You'll also be able to edit your billing information (if you're a team admin) and customize your profile as you see fit!


Member Mobile App How-To Videos

Feel free to check out this Help Center article for video walkthroughs of how to use the different sections of the Coworks mobile app.

Happy Coworking!

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