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Connect Stripe to Coworks

I don't have a Stripe Account

(Skip this section if already have a Stripe Account setup.)

If you haven't used Stripe in the past and aren't migrating your account, then we generated one for you when we created your account. you will need to activate your account. 

Stripe will send you an email with activation instructions and will send it to the email for the admin of your community and it looks something like this. 

Subject: Coworks payments: claim your Stripe account

When activating your Stripe account, it is important to ensure that you've added a payout bank account so that you receive any funds Coworks collects on your behalf. 

Don't see this email, but don't have an account? We probably didn't create one with your community. Reach out to and we can get one setup for you.

I have an existing Stripe account that I'm using

You need to connect your Stripe account to the Coworks dashboard. This step gives Stripe your approval that Coworks can create charges and deposit money into your bank account on your behalf. This step is required to use billing on Coworks.

Great, you've connected a Stripe account to Coworks! You're almost there...

Next Steps 


  • Set your default subscription settings to not cancel memberships when they go unpaid for too long! This can be very frustrating so we're warning you now!

(optional, but recommended)

If you have existing subscriptions in Stripe that we are migrating, please let us know! This is a complex process and requires some hands-on support from our team. Let us know at

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