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How to set up your Stripe integration to be successful
How to set up your Stripe integration to be successful

This is a checklist of the steps necessary to successfully integrate with Stripe.

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Note: The steps outlined in this article are very important! Make sure to read until the end. If you have questions on these items, please reach out to

Connect Stripe to Coworks

I don't have a Stripe account

Skip this section if already have a Stripe account.

If you haven't used Stripe in the past and aren't migrating an account, then you'll need to create a Stripe account to connect with Coworks. You can create your Stripe account using this link.

Stripe will then send you an email to verify the email address for your Stripe account. The email should look something like this: 

Subject: Verify your email to start using Stripe

Click the "Verify email address" button to verify your email address and begin setup of your Stripe account. Click the "Activate payments" button on the next page, and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your account.

When activating your Stripe account, it is important to ensure that you've added a payout bank account so that you receive any funds Coworks collects on your behalf. 

I have an existing Stripe account that I'm using

You'll need to connect your Stripe account to the Coworks dashboard. This gives Stripe your approval that Coworks can create charges and deposit money into your bank account on your behalf. This step is required to use billing on Coworks.

Great, you've connected a Stripe account to Coworks! You're almost there...

Next Steps


  • Set your default subscription settings to not cancel memberships when they go unpaid for too long. This can be very frustrating, so we're warning you now!

Optional, but recommended


Check out this Help Center article for information on the different fees charged by Stripe.


If you have existing subscriptions in Stripe that we are migrating, please let us know! This is a complex process and requires some hands-on support from our team. Let us know at

Happy Coworking!

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