Description: When you need to add a credit card or ACH payment method to a billing plan on the Coworks dashboard, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Directory.

2. Click on Companies.

3. Find the existing company and click on Manage.

4. Click on the Company Billing tab.

5. Click on +Credit Card or +ACH, fill out the necessary payment information, and click Submit.

For Credit Cards:

Enter the credit card information and hit Save Card.

For ACH:

It is a two-step process. The first step is you must enter the member's bank account information through the dashboard. Once their information is entered, Stripe will attempt to verify that bank account by depositing two small amounts (usually less than $1). The member will then need to relay those amounts back to the manager and the manager will need to input those into the dashboard.

Step 1 ACH Collection: Enter Bank Account information and hit Submit.

Step 2 ACH Verification:

a. Once Stripe has deposited the microdeposits, the member will need to relay that information to the manager. Click Verify.

b. Enter the microdeposits (as whole numbers) and click Verify Bank.

c. If you see a checkmark, then you know it was verified successfully.

6. If you need to change these or switch between Credit Card and ACH payment methods, click on the pencil icon near the current payment method and follow the steps listed above.

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