Push notification announcements are a great way to send a short, time-sensitive message to your entire community, just a few select individuals, or a single person with templates to speed the process.

1. To create an email announcement, navigate to the announcements tab and select New Announcement.

Note: that there is a record of all announcements made on this page. The bell icon denotes push notification/SMS announcements, whereas the the envelope icon marks past email announcements.

2. Select Announcement.

3. Select your chosen audience. You can select by Members or Companies, then choose from selecting all or adding only certain individuals. 

Note: As you are adding people, you will see them listed in the Recipients section. If you need to remove someone from the recipients list, hit the trash can icon beside their name. 

4. Create your message using the text editor to fill out the Body of the Message and the Title. 

Note: a preview of how the notification message will look on your members' phones is shown on the right under Push Preview.

5. Choose whether you want to also send the message as an SMS text message. If yes, toggle this to On, and a preview of that SMS will also appear on the right. 

Note: Push notifications go to all members with the Coworks app on their phone, as long as they have opened the app and have accepted permissions.

SMS are only sent to members with cell numbers entered in their profiles.

6. Hit Review to review the message and selected recipients. If it looks good, click Send Announcement, or hit Cancel to go back to editing.

You did it! Congrats on sending your first Push Notification / maybe also SMS Message!

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