Note: you must ask your Coworks account manager to turn on this functionality if you'd like to use it.

Equipment booking is a useful tool for spaces with 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, or other specialty equipment in high demand. 

1. Start by navigating to the Rooms tab and selecting the Equipment section.

2. In this area you can Search through existing equipment to edit postings in your system or add New Equipment

3. When adding New Equipment, you will start by uploading a photo. Click on the Upload Photo box to be taken to your files to select the correct image.

4. Next fill in the Equipment Name and Description. This is a great place to also note if you require certifications or training prior to using each piece of equipment.

5. Guide your community members to find bookable Equipment by navigating to the Bookings section of the Coworks app.

Note: Just like with Rooms, there are multiple ways to book Equipment. Narrow down by equipment type and time needed using the top search bar, narrowed down by date of use in the second bar, tap on the equipment itself and clarify by duration needed, or quick book by tapping the turquoise time slots. 

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