KISI is a keyless access system that allows platforms like Coworks to integrate to take advantage of it's keyless entry door lock access system. To get started with KISI & Coworks, make sure you have an active KISI subscription.

1. KISI Groups

Create KISI groups so you can organize your members properly. Groups are a KISI phrase which allows you to save door permissions based on different levels of access that you define. We recommend creating groups that mirror your Coworks plans so you can stay organized:

Coworking - Day
Coworking - Nights & Weekends

Doing this will allow you to bulk change access permissions when you add new doors, or remove doors without having to go to every member and change permissions.

2. KISI Api Token

Once you've got your groups setup, you're ready to integrate into Coworks. Head over to your Profile and find the API tab. This is where you can instruct KISI to allow Coworks permission to access your data.

Click on ADD API KEY, and enter your username and password.

Once you've gotten your api token, make sure you save that as you'll need it in Coworks.

3. Activate KISI

With your new API Token, it's time to head to your integrations page in the Coworks account settings. Once there, find the KISI integration and click activate. You'll need that API key from step 2. Enter that here.

4. Sync your KISI Place

At this point, you need to associate your KISI Place to your Coworks campus. Places are a physical association with a group of doors & locks and you can think of it like a building.

The information we need is in the Kisi Place URL so once you've clicked on a place (or if you only have one, grab the website URL at and provide it to us.
It should look like:

For each campus you have, please provide the place URLs to each one. We also need the name of the campus you'd like to map to.


Raleigh Space

Kisi Place URL = 7847

Durham Space

Kisi Place URL = 7848

Cary Space

Kisi Place URL = 7849

You will need to pull out the numbers in that URL.

Once we have this information, head to the campuses list. Edit it, and then add the Place ID at the bottom of the form to the corresponding campus.

If you would like us to "bulk" sync your KISI account based on plan allocations, please reach out. This is a manual process, but we're happy to do it for you!

5. Adding a Coworks member to KISI

Once you've activated KISI as an integration and you've contacted the Coworks support team to assign your place with your campus, you're ready to start using the KISI integration in Coworks.

Add New Member

Add Member to an Existing Team

If you have any questions on this integration, we're here for you! Let us know.

Happy Coworking

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