KISI is a keyless access system that allows platforms like Coworks to integrate to take advantage of it's keyless entry door lock access system. View our official integration page on KISI here.

To get started with KISI & Coworks, make sure you have an active KISI subscription.

1. KISI Groups

Create KISI groups so you can organize your members properly. Groups are a KISI phrase which allows you to group members together based on different levels of access that you define. A group merely consists of a set of doors that the group will have access to (e.g. front door and back door). We recommend creating groups that mirror your Coworks plans so you can stay organized:

Coworking - Day
Coworking - Nights & Weekends

Doing this will allow you to bulk change access permissions when you add new doors, or remove doors without having to go to every member and change permissions.

2. KISI Api Token

Once you've got your groups setup, you're ready to integrate into Coworks. Head over to your Profile and find the API tab. This is where you can instruct KISI to allow Coworks permission to access your data.

Click on ADD API KEY, and enter your username and password.

Once you've gotten your api token, make sure you save that as you'll need it in Coworks.

NOTE: API KEYS are tied to the Kisi User. If this Kisi user is removed from your Kisi account, the integration with Coworks will no longer be valid.

3. Activate KISI

With your new API Token, it's time to head to your integrations page by clicking on the 'Community' tab in the lefthand menu and then "Integrations" section in the top tabs. Once there, find the KISI integration and click "Connect". You'll need that API key from step 2. Enter that here.

Enter your Api Key to continue connecting your account and click "Activate"

4. Sync your KISI Place

At this point, you need to associate your KISI Place to your Coworks campus. Places are a physical association with a group of doors & locks and you can think of it like a building.

When you connect your Kisi it should prompt you to choose a campus to map. Choose a campus from the dropdown (your current campus is selected by default)

Then map your Kisi place to your Coworks campus.

Now your campus is fully connected! If the above modal did not appear, or if you'd like to chance your campus <> Place mapping, simply click the 'settings' option under the kisi integration to change.

To confirm your place is connected to your campus, you should see a "Door Access Place Id" saved in your campus settings page (click the gear icon in the top right header of your dashboard)

5. Adding a Coworks member to KISI

Note: If you would like us to "bulk" sync your KISI account based on plan allocations, please reach out. This is a manual process, but we're happy to do it for you!

Once you've activated KISI as an integration and connected your place to your campus, you're ready to start using the KISI integration in Coworks.

The Coworks <> Kisi integration works by allowing you to automatically choose which Kisi door groups to assign to members as you add them in Coworks. This way you dont have to manage multiple platforms and can perform all of your access needs directly within Coworks.

When adding a member, you simply toggle on the "Add to Kisi" option and choose which door groups to add them to (make sure those groups are created in Kisi) and can even schedule a date for which to grant them access (in case you want to have their access start at a later date.

Once added, the member will be automatically created in both Coworks and Kisi. They should receive an email from Kisi with details into downloading the Kisi app and signing in with their Coworks credentials. They will automatically have access to the doors you assigned to them during the creation.

See below:

Add New Member

Add Member to an Existing Team

Updating an existing Member

You can also set Kisi permissions to existing members by simply going to their profile page toggling on the 'add to kisi' toggle and hitting save. If they've already been synced to Kisi, you will see a link to take you to their profile in Kisi for edits if needed.

Adding Members who sign up via the public plan form

If you're using our public plans/signup feature then it allows members to sign up for Coworks all on their own. You can also indicate whether those members get auto-provisioned access to your space. You can also control different access groups for different plans.

To do this:

  • Go to the plan that is listed publicly.

  • Once the public signup toggle is enabled, you will be given a section for "Door Access Control"

  • From there select "Enable automatic door access" to enable auto access permissioning to people who sign up to this plan

  • Finally, choose a door group to assign to the member who signs up for this plan.

6. Kisi for non members (Day Pass and External Bookings)

You can also allow non members who book your conference rooms and day passes automatic and temporary access to Kisi for the duration of their bookings. This is a GREAT tool to automate the guest reservation experience. Guests will get auto-access to doors on the date of their booking and then their access will be automatically revoked afterwards.

Learn how to set that up here.


My doors stay open

If you have setup an "unlock periods" in KISI, the door (lock/group) will be unlocked during that time (and not lockable!)

Users are able to unlock a door remotely and I don't want that

If you want users to have to be physically present at the reader, please turn ON "Kisi Reader Restriction"

If you have any questions on this integration, we're here for you! Let us know.

Happy Coworking!

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