Coworks is not only a great member-management platform, but we also provide you with many out-of-the-box solutions for capturing leads, generating revenue, and seamlessly integrating with Coworks all through your website. These include lead/tour capture forms, day pass checkout, external bookings, membership signup forms and more! What's more is that these forms will automatically populate our integrated CRM and member directory, meaning that all of your data can live in one place.

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Membership/Tour Requests

Day Passes
External Bookings
Automated Membership Signups

Getting Started

When signing up for Coworks you are instantly provided with a set of auto-generated links to forms that you can link to or embed into your site with minimal effort.

First step is head to our Website Forms tab in the admin dashboard here. You'll see a list of available forms and features that you can either enable or use immediately

Website Forms

Let's break down the different features.


Each feature link starts with an auto-generated subdomain based off your community name. This subdomain will be how all of your urls are formatted (ex: This way your customers will know/trust that these features are coming from you.

Learn more about subdomains here

Lead Capture Forms

Membership/Tour Request Form

Allow guests to request a membership allowing you to handle the process of signing them up.

You can embed this form directly on your site or link to it via a "Join Today" button. When a member fills out this form, you and your staff will receive email notifications and an internal notification in Coworks, and that lead will be automatically populated into our integrated CRM.

We generate unique links for both membership request and tour requests.

Check out this article for a full rundown on how to leverage the lead forms.

Day Pass

A campus-specific public form for guests to be able to purchase access to your space for a day.

With Day passes, you can enhance your marketing and sales efforts by offering one-day passes to work out of your space. With Coworks you can simply enable the feature, set your price, and post on your site to begin selling immediately. We'll handle collecting payments, capturing customer information, confirmation emails etc.

Learn how to use it in depth here.


External Bookings

A list of rooms bookable by the general public.

With External Bookings you can easily rent out your meeting space to non-members as an additional source of revenue and exposure. We handle all of the logistics and make it to where customers can simply go to your site, find a room, and pay and reserve.

Coworks handles the entire process from start to finish. You choose which rooms you want to make available and for what price. From there when a customer goes to your page, they can find and reserve rooms at specific days and time at which point we will book that room, capture the lead information, invoice the customer immediately, and send confirmation emails.

You no longer have to worry about scheduling, payments, conflicts etc. as it's seamlessly integrated into the same calendar that members book from so it is always up to date with your latest availability in real time! You can even set hours of operation and availability for each room to ensure reservations only happen when you and your staff are available.

Learn how it works here.

Membership Signup

Automated Membership Signup

A public accessible signup page for each plan.

Coworks allows you to generate a publicly accessible signup page for each plan that you offer (coworking, dedicated etc.). With this, your customers can go to your site, sign up for a membership, and pay all on their own without needing to talk to you or your team, allowing you to fully automate the sales process.

Upon checkout, customers will be charged a prorated amount, added to the Coworks directory, receive a confirmation email (along with your staff), and then queued for regular recurring billing based on your bill date. For example if your bill date is set to the 1st, signing up for your monthly coworking membership would result in a prorated charge and a new member in your system set to be billed recurring on the 1st of each month for the full amount.

Learn more how to set it up here.

Note About Websites

We realize your website is your 'Front Door'. It represents your entire brand and organization. It is also (generally) the singular place that you want to funnel all of your online leads/customers, whether through marketing campaigns, SEO etc. As such, we wanted to make sure that you could maintain full control of your site and brand, while still seamlessly integrating all of the tools you need to run your business. We never want to become in between you and your brand and instead prefer to integrate smoothly. With our link/form/widget approach it means our forms will work with any site builder (Wordpress, Webflow, Squarespace, Wix etc.)

Need help building your landing page? Contact us here and we'll see how we can help!

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