What is it?

External bookings is a feature we've created to allow you to make some rooms available to book externally by guests. This is important because it opens up another revenue stream for your space and allows unused time by members to be booked & paid for by guests.


Before you allow guests to book your conference rooms, you need to go through the campus setup process.

Firstly, you'll need to set up your campus preferences:

  1. Hours of Operation - These are in your campus preferences and indicate when those rooms are available to book. You can set them by editing your campus.

2. Campus Address and Phone - This will be shown to the guest in their booking email so they know where the campus is located. You can also set that in the campus form by editing your campus.

Here's an example of a confirmation email a guest will receive (with a primary branding color of black).

3. Reply-to email address - This is the email address that will receive the email communication from the guests if they reply to the confirmation emails. We use the sales email field as the reply-to. If this is not filled out, we will use the admin of the community!

4. Manager Notifications - By default, all staff will receive dashboard and email notifications for external bookings. You can turn off notifications for receiving emails for external bookings by going to your preferences.

5. Terms of Service - Since money is being exchanged, we wanted to make sure guests explicitly agree to your terms of service. If you would like that legal coverage, please update your terms of service in your community's legal settings.

This will add it to the checkout form like this:

Billing Setup

Note: This is only for communities with a Stripe account connected!

Passing Credit Card Fees

If you have decided to pass a credit card or bank account fee onto your members in the past, you will have a new separate option to pass the credit card fees (can't pay for external bookings via bank accounts). By default, that is off. If you would like to enable that, head over to your billing settings.

Automatic Invoice Fees

If you have automatic invoice fees enabled for your community, those will automatically be passed onto your guests. We opted for this behavior because those are usually used for state or nationally mandates taxes. Let us know if this is behavior you would like to change!

Room Setup

Now that you've determined when your rooms are available, you will need to decide which rooms are available to book:

  1. Go to your rooms and find the conference room you want to make public. Edit the room and change the toggle to "Open to guests". You will also need to indicate an hourly rate for that room.

Once you've made a room available, you will see it is available by the indicator on the card.

How to get to your External Bookings Room List

Once you've set up your campus and your rooms, head to your website forms page. Find your external bookings link among the other forms provided by Coworks.

Now you should see that room listed publicly!

Creating an External Booking

Your guests (and members if they want to pay) will be able to make an external booking.

Canceling an External Booking

When you cancel an external booking, you will be given the option to also refund for that booking. You can always refund for that invoice later.

Note: When you cancel an external booking, the guest will be notified (regardless of your selection on refunds). This is so your guest has full transparency to their reservations.

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