The Coworks Day Pass feature allows you to market and advertise your space to interested parties, while opening up additional revenue streams.

A Day Pass is a one-time purchase transaction for the purpose of allowing non-members to work out of your space for a daily rate. Day Passes can be a great way to capture supplemental revenue from travelers in your area in need of workspace, interested leads who want to try out your space, or anyone in need of short term work space. Coworks generates a linkable checkout page that automatically captures payment, handles confirmation, and stores the lead in your CRM.

Here's how to set up and manage your Day Pass:

Day Pass Setup

Start by going to the Website Forms section in community tab here.

To begin, your Day Pass must first be both created and enabled for use. The Enable toggle on the right will allow you activate or deactivate the feature at any time (on by default). If you see the "Not setup!" label it means you haven't yet created a Day Pass for your campus.

*Note that each campus in your community can currently only support ONE day pass. The campus picker in the top right of the above screenshot allows you to quickly navigate and create Day Passes for each campus. Each day pass will need to be individually set up in each campus.

Click the "Edit Settings" button to create or edit your Day Pass for your campus.

Day Passes can be given names, photos, and descriptions that are publicly visible in the auto-generated checkout link (more below).

The 'Date Required' toggle allows you to optionally enforce a day for the intended Day Pass usage. This date will appear in the customer's confirmation email and allows you to anticipate drop-ins.

Day Pass Checkout

Once your Day Pass is created and enabled, your checkout link is ready for sharing. You can embed or share this link directly in your website to advertise to potential customers. Click the 'View' button or copy the link in the Day Pass section to navigate to your checkout link.

The checkout link will display your Day Pass rate, description, and photo and provides a form to capture your customer information and automatically collect payment. Your customers will also check a box agreeing to your space terms of service which you can set here.

Once a customer has successfully purchased a Day Pass, they will receive an email confirmation with receipt of purchase.

Make sure your campus address and phone number are up to date so your customers can reach you! Learn how here.

Additionally you and your staff will be sent a notification and email alerting you of the new Day Pass purchase. This email will also include a direct link to the invoice in Coworks.

Remember that we've also captured this customer's information for you in your CRM as a contact in the Contact tab.

Read more about the CRM here.

Happy Coworking!

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