What Are ‘Passport Checkins’?

We added the passport feature to allow your members to checkin at coworking spaces outside of your network. Why?

Not only does this allow you and your members to use other coworking spaces, but this is a great way to come together as a community, and to share ideas and resources with one another. Whether you’re visiting another city or just want to check out new coworking spaces, now it’s easy to do so!

How Does It Work?

First, let us know that you would like to have this feature available and we will create your ‘Passport Network’ unique to your space.

Any coworking space that uses Coworks can have this feature added to their repertoire. Your members will be able to checkin to an outside passport network, and vice versa!

Click the button below to create your passport network.

How Can Passport Members Check in On Their Own

Passport members can check in by themselves using the Front Desk App. Learn more about the Front Desk app and how to set it up here.

Simply select Check In and Passport and members can find themselves in the network to check themselves in.

Passport Checkin Log

Navigate to the Checkins tab to see a list of all of the most recent checkins in your space. You should see Member, Visitor, and Passport.

The checkin system works the same for passport checkins as it does for both member and visitor. Under the Passport tab, search for the member you would like to checkin.

Passport Checkin

Use this link for a review of How To Use Member Checkins.

Can You Still View/Edit Passport Checkins?

Yes. In the checkin log, you can view/edit the passport checkins just like you’ve done for members and visitors.

Likewise, you can run reports directly from the checkins tab or by going to the Reports tab.


As always, we are here for you with any questions you might have in the process! Don't hesitate to reach out.

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