The Coworks Front Desk App Serves as your digital concierge. When managing a space, it's important that when people walk in, that there is a process or experience in place to properly welcome them. The Front Desk app serves as your automated visitor and member checkin system as well as a handy lead capture tool for walk in leads. This way even if you don't have someone physically present at the "front desk" or entrance, Coworks can handle the job for you!

To set up the front desk app follow the instructions here.

Visitor Checkins

One of the most useful functions of the Front Desk App is our visitor checkin system. You may have walk-in visitors to your space or your members may have customers, partners etc. as guests to see them. Visitors can both notify members of their arrival and fill out a visitor log to give you a historical record of people in your space.

Guests simply press checkin, and select visitor.

From there they can (optionally) search through your directory of members and choose to notify them of their arrival. This will send your member a push notification, text message, or email. Then they fill out a basic information form, which will log them as a visitor in the backend

visitor checkin form in front desk tablet

Click here to read a full run down on our visitor checkin system and how to manage them in the admin dashboard.

Member Checkins

Members can also utilize the front desk tablet to check themselves in. This is great for keeping track of who is currently in your space and managing space capacity and occupancy.

Members select the "member checkin" option and simply find themselves in the directory to check themselves in.

Front desk app member checkin

Click here to read a full run down on our member checkin system and how to manage them in the admin dashboard

Passport Checkins

You can also use the front desk app to check people in from across different communities. In order to use this feature, you must have an active passport network set up between yours and other communities.

Click here to read more on passport checkins

Lead & Tour Capture

Sometimes guests may be interested to learn more about your space. Perhaps they want to purchase a membership or an office. For those instances, the Front Desk App serves as a great lead capture system. By selecting "Schedule Tour", guests can leave their contact info and request to learn more about the space.

Front desk lead capture

These guests will automatically show up in the CRM and your staff will be immediately notified of the new lead request via email and in-app notification.

Lead entry in the CRM list

Click here to learn more about leads and our fully integrated CRM feature


You can customize your front desk tablet in a couple of ways.

  1. Make sure your campus logo is updated in order to change the default logo on the front desk tablet home page. You can update your campus logo by following the instructions here

  2. You can remove the schedule tour button from your front desk tablet by disabling tour requests. Do that by navigating to Community tab and selecting "Website Forms" from the top headers or by clicking here. Then toggle off the Tour Request Form feature which will remove it from your tablet.

    Note this will also disable the ability to accept tours on the web via this form.

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