The Coworks Occupancy feature is designed to give you a quick, accurate snapshot of how full your dedicated spaces are. If you rent out offices, suites, desks etc. it's extremely important to know how many are booked and how many are still left to sell, as well as some data and metrics around that.

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Here's how it works:

Head over to the Occupancy tab to see a list of your available suites (these could be offices, dedicated desks etc.).

By default we show you all of the vacant (or unoccupied/unassigned) suites at the top of the list, as those are the ones you need to action on.

We also immediately show you some import stats for you to track related to your occupancy:

Occupancy Percentage: The percentage of currently filled or occupied suites in your community. 75% Occupancy would mean your space is 75% full with tenants. Your goal should be to see 100% at all times!

Estimated MRR: The estimated amount of monthly recurring revenue that you should anticipate from your currently occupied suites. We generate this number by calculating the totals from the attached price plans on each suite. This does not include discounts, add-ons etc. so is just a high-level estimate.

Estimated Potential MRR: The estimated amount of monthly recurring revenue that you are currently missing out on from your vacant suites. This is essentially the anticipated revenue left on the table from suites you have yet to fill. You want this number to be 0!

Creating Your Suites

To create a suite, click "New Suite" in the top right of the Occupancy tab. Be sure to fill out important information like your suite size, capacity etc. as we can sort and filter on those options.

The other important piece of creating a suite is assigning plans and teams

Assigning A Suite Plan

Assigning a plan is critical to understanding the market value of that suite so that we can generate revenue metrics and sorting capabilities. To assign a plan you must first go to the Plans tab in the sidebar and create a plan of type "Suite"

Once you have created your suite plans you can assign them to the suite in the suite form.

Assigning A Team

Adding a team to a suite will automatically mark that suite from "Vacant" to "Occupied" after saving. This will auto-recalculate your occupancy percentage and MRR. You can remove a team at any point by clicking edit on the suite.

Sorting and Filtering

The occupancy feature comes built with a powerful set of sorting and filtering to make it easier for you manage your inventory.

You can easily sort/order your list by name, capacity, size, vacant/occupied to bring the most important ones to the top.

Additionally you can filter by price, minimum capacity, or availability (vacant or occupied) so that you only see the suites that matter most to you in the list.

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