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What is the "Overdue" Membership status?
What is the "Overdue" Membership status?

What does it mean when a team's membership status is showing as "Overdue" in the Membership tab?

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Sometimes, if a member goes too long without paying or if there are too many failed payment attempts, Stripe will automatically mark the customer's subscription as uncollectible. This means that there will be no further attempts to generate future invoices or further attempts to collect payments from unpaid invoices.

Note: You can configure Stripe to not take this action on your behalf. We recommend you set that up to avoid this scenario by updating your Stripe settings as outlined in this article.

If your customers reach this state, Stripe will Pause your unpaid invoices for this member and you will see an Overdue status on their membership tab.

Important: This status means no future invoices will be SENT, and no unpaid invoices will be attempted to be collected until their membership is brought back to active.

How to change membership status from Overdue to Active

  1. If the payment method is failing, you should collect a new (valid) payment method.

  2. Charge or resend any unpaid invoices if applicable.

  3. Once you are able to charge an invoice successfully on behalf of the member, the membership should automatically be updated to bring the account back in good standing.

  4. Once you see the membership in an Active state, you should see invoices automatically created again in the future.

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