How Can Visitors Check In Themselves In

Visitors can check themselves in using our front desk/checkin tablet app. If you aren't currently using it find out how to set it up here.

Once your front desk tablet app is all set, visitors can easily check themselves in by simply clicking on the checkin button and choosing "Visitor".

From there they can (optionally) search through your directory of members and choose to notify them of their arrival.

This will send your member a push notification, text message, or email notifying them of their guest's arrival.

Then they fill out a basic information form, which will log them as a visitor in the backend (more on that below)

visitor checkin form in front desk tablet

Managers can then manage and view all current checkins in the admin dashboard as well as add/edit/remove checkins.

Visitor Checkin Log

Navigate to the Checkins tab to see a list of all of the most recent checkins in your space. Click the Visitor tab to see a full log of visitors who have checked in to your space

You can sort the checkins by clicking on the column headers to sort by that field.

Clicking a second time will change the sort direction (from ascending to descending and vice versa)

The default sort position will show you the most recent checkins so that it's easy to see who is in your space today.

You can also filter checkins by choosing a date range (like yesterday, last month etc.) or by searching for a specific guest in the search box (via name or email).

There is also a link to the visitor checkin report which will give you a csv of all checkins for a given date range, including the member they were there to see (if applicable).

Checking In Visitors

  1. Click "New Checkin" to start checking in a visitor.

Start by filling out your guest's contact information (name and email). You can optionally check "Are you visiting a member" which will allow you to search your members and send them a message notifying them of their visitor

This will send the member a n email, push notification or text message.

Viewing/Editing Checkins

In the checkin log, click edit on the checkin you want to edit.

Here you can edit check in/out times or delete the checkin. You can also view who created the checkin and when.

Checkins Report

Download the visitor checkins report directly from the checkins tab or by going to the Reports tab.

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