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How to manage a team's bookings through the Bookings tab
How to manage a team's bookings through the Bookings tab

How to see a historical log of all of a team's bookings for troubleshooting.

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To view a team's full history of bookings, navigate to the team's profile and click on the "Bookings" tab. There, you'll see a full list of every booking made by every member of that team (including start time, end time, and duration).

Searching Bookings By Dates

By default, we only show you bookings from today forward. This means none of the past bookings are immediately visible, but scrolling down will show you future bookings.

You can use the "Jump To Date" dropdown to quickly navigate the list to any moment in time (past or future). For example, clicking "Last Month" will start the list at the earliest booking from the previous month. You can use the "Custom" option to start the list at any particular day.

Filter Options

You can filter the bookings list to help find specific bookings of interest. You can filter by particular team members, rooms, and even sources (how the booking was created, such as through the member app or external booking).

Sorting And Sort Order/Direction

By default, the sort order of the list is by booking start time going in ascending order (from oldest to newest) starting from today.

You can change the list to sort by other items such as member first name, room name, etc. Clicking the same sort option again from the dropdown will also change the sort order from ascending to descending and vice versa. This lets you change both the sort column and the sort direction. For example, you can change the list to show you all bookings from today backwards (effectively showing you past bookings), or you can change the list to sort by room name A-Z or Z-A.

Viewing/Editing Bookings

Clicking on the "Edit" icon on the far right of the booking row will allow you to easily see a preview with more details of the booking (such as booking name or descriptions). You can click "Edit" to easily change or delete a booking.

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