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Having trouble verifying a bank account as a payment method?
Having trouble verifying a bank account as a payment method?

What to do next if the bank account verification has failed.

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Coworks supports two methods of capturing payments: Credit Cards and Bank Account debits. To use their bank account, members must verify the bank account with Stripe using a two-step process. You can read more in-depth about the verification process here.

Stripe will attempt to verify the bank account by depositing two small amounts (usually less than $1). The member can enter those amounts by going back to the "Payment Methods" tab and clicking "Verify".

If members incorrectly enter the deposit amounts 3 times, Stripe will lock their account. This is done for security reasons.

How to unlock an account for a member

  1. Get a bank statement from the member showing the microdeposits in their account.

  2. Once you've obtained the bank statement from the customer, you will need to chat with Stripe's customer support here.

    You can message Stripe saying "Hello, for customer [customer ID], they failed to verify the micro-deposits as they didn't realize they had to wait for them. I have a bank statement verifying those deposits. Can I have an upload link so that you can verify them for me?"

If you have any questions or need any assistance, send us a message in our chat, and we'd be happy to help.

Happy Coworking!

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